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The Quality Photo Framing Company in Bunbury

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Memorabilia that hold sentimental value, such as medals, trophies, jerseys, football jumps and the like, look even better than they are when framed within ideally chosen mouldings and mat board. So rather than leaving your valuable piece unguarded on top of the shelf or tucking it away in a closet, bring the thing to us. Our professionals will frame your mementos beautifully so that you can feel proud while showing them off in front of your family & friends.

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General FAQ's

I dont know what to do ?

We are here to guide you and inform you to enable you to make a decision , so call usor visit us, and or  make an appointment.

Should I Frame to my decor or to the picture or my own preferences ?

The picture is the centre piece and your first priority as you often have chosen something that already is akin to your tastes.

But of course considering to your taste and decor requirements is also considered.

How can I make it unique and special ?

Custom framing is all about this.Your special piece can be  enhanced with many framing techniques that our team has accumulated over the last 17years.

Amazing ,wow and special is our expertise .Using various borders,fillets,designs and six specialty glasses we can certainly help in this area.

Why  choose us ?

Our friendly customer service,extensive experience,framing guarantee of 10 years on workmanship,love it or exchange it in 30 days policy, always up to date and attending Australian Framing Seminars in Sydney where we came in the top 13 in Australia in 2015 .

How much is it going to cost ?

There are many factore affecting the value of your framed piece.The size,what it is composed of,eg canvas,silk,crosstitch etc ,border composition needed,frame choice,glass requirements and if mounting is necessary.But at the end of the day,it will be done for a lifetime of enjoyment for many years to come. Do it once do it right.

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