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About Picture frame and Canvas Framing Shop in Bunbury

About Picture frame and Canvas Framing Shop in Bunbury

Southern Picture Framers is an independent picture frame shop  that provides affordable & top notch bespoke canvas framing service in Bunbury .

Over the years since our inception, we have catered our premium quality solutions

 to numerous homeowners as well as businesses in & around the South West

region of Australia.

Having been in business for a long time now, our exceptionally talented professionals

are well-knowledgeable of various framing techniques. As such, we can cater to your needs suitably and confidently.

We always strive to offer something beyond what our clients expect from us. Our main priority is to both preserve & improve life moments by securing them within the enclosure of exquisite framing. By allowing us to frame your precious memories & items of sentimental value, you can be sure that the work we provide you with will outlive its expected lifespan.

Our solid reputation in the market has been built on the cornerstones of trust, reliability, excellent customer support and quality work. Each of our pros are ardent about their job, and take great care in finishing each project entrusted to them with careful attention to the smallest of details. We pride ourselves in offering quick turnaround service, and that too without compromising the standards of our products. One of our designs was even featured among the top 12 across Australia in the Australian Sydney Framing Show 2015! We were commended by the judges for our texture, design, colour & quality workmanship.

So, no matter what you need to get framed - be it memorabilia, wedding moments, original artworks, personal treasures, travel memories or even embroidered works - Southern Picture Framers can frame it for you ideally, according to your taste & style preferences.

our speciality

Our selection of frames ,borders and knowledge are vast

with our attention to detail we will be sure to create that unique special piece in your home.

  • Memorabilia

    Memorabilia that hold sentimental value, such as medals, trophies, jerseys, football jumps and the like, look even better than they are when framed within ideally chosen mouldings and mat board. So rather th ...[+]

  • Gorgeous Wedding Moments

    Your wedding ceremony is one of the most exciting and beautiful events in your life. As such, you would definitely want to preserve all memories from your big day in the best way possible. At Southern Pictur ...[+]

  • Personal Treasures

    Preserve your personal treasures appropriately with the help of our cost-effective custom framing solutions. Be it a family heirloom, an antique piece or something that you just hold dear to your heart, we woul ...[+]

  • Original art

    Are you an artist and love to work your magic on canvas with pens, pencils and brushes? Do you wish to protect your artworks from the detrimental effects of exposure to atmosphere, body oils and aging? You w ...[+]

  • Wonderful Travel Memories

    Travel memories are wonderful to collect and go through in your leisure time. But simply keeping them in your phone, computer or as prints won’t help you to preserve the moments forever, as digital fil ...[+]

  • Homemade Embroidery

    Embroidery is a common hobby and many people find great pleasure in crotcheting. If you are one of them, don’t just stock your completed works in the cabinets, only to take them out for guests to see. Rat ...[+]

The Quality Framing Company why choose us 

why choose us

Our friendly customer service.

Extensive experience.

Framing guarantee of 10 years on workmanship.

Love it or exchange it in 30 days policy.

Always up to date and attending Australian

Framing Seminars in Sydney held every

second year.


Where we came in the top 13 in Australia in 2015 .





Framing Offers This

  • Everyone has experienced the waving print that has never been mounted at all or has been badly done. Also the only family picture of a particular moment or member that has been damaged or lost forever.
  • Collecting dust, exposed to uv, touched by hands and body oils are only a few of the natural elements that will deteriorate photos, prints and memorabilia.
  • Let us help you to enhance and preserve your family memories forever.
  • Your life moments can be preserved and enhanced one frame at a time. Because we are custom framers you can be assured each frame will receive the attention to detail beyond what you would expect.
  • This means you can have memories in your home that last a lifetime, unlike flowers which may only last a day.
  • Framing isn't expensive it just looks that way. Your picture will be framed to a high standard not necessarily to a high price. You can expect us to pay particular attention to choosing the right frame and border which excites you when matched to your picture, to give you lasting memories.
  • We also frame all those special moments in your life including photography of weddings,babies, all sports memorabilia, personal artwork, as well as achievement certificates, crosstitch and of course sports tops.
  • We can transfer photos to canvas, restretch canvas on frames and make mirrors to any size.
  • You name it we frame it!
You can contact Southern Picture Framers for more information or for a quote by phoning (08) 9721 6166 or by using the secure Contact Form.