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4 Ways To Decorate Your Dream Music Studio

4 Ways To Decorate Your Dream Music Studio

24 Dec 2019
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Would you like to decorate your dream music studio? Then this blog is only for you. You can decorate your studio in many ways. You can also organise our favourite musical instruments and place them properly. Here some basic ways to decorate your music studio.

Place Your Instrument Side By Side

Firstly, you can place all your favourite instruments side by side.  If you are a guitarist, then you can purchase a guitar stand from a musical instrument shop. You can place your one or multiple guitars on the stand. If you are a violinist, then you can buy a violin stand also. Place a lyrics stand at another corner of the studio. So, you should all the instrument secured and organised. 

Hang Your Favourite Photos

You can hang a photo of your favourite singer on the wall. Apart from that, if you are a stage performer then you can store some photos of your performances in the creative photo frames. You can decorate the wall with the beautiful picture frames. You can purchase the different types of photo frames from a reputable picture framing company in  Busselton like Southern Picture Framers. You can also consult with the photo framing experts if you want some customised frames. They will suggest you choose the perfect frame for your studio.

Set A Recording Desk

You need to set up the studio with major recording components like a laptop or desktop, DAW or audio interface combo, headphones, microphones, one mic stand, a few cables, a pop filter, ear training software, amplifier etc. All these components are highly essential for every beginner. They are placed on a big desk properly. Secure all the cables and wires carefully.  You can install a cable grommet on the desk. It helps to keep all the cables tightly and protect from scratches, chemical attacks and dust.

Light Up The Room

You can set up your music studio with stunning lights. Lights can easily change the mood of your studio. You can install LED strips on the recording desk and also install LED downlights on the ceiling. Also, you can place a beautiful lampshade at a corner of the studio. Purchase all lights from offline and online stores in Busselton. 

These ways will surely help you to decorate your music studio. You do not have to spend lot’s of money to transform the look of your studio. Simple decoration and touch up can help to make the studio very attractive.  


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