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Custom Designed Picture Framing
Custom Designed Picture Framing

Picture framing involves many areas of expertise from design, colour, dimensional perspective, carpentry, glazing, a large technical base on preservation, techniques and customer service.

Mat boards or mat borders are not only for decor and design for your tastes but were originally introduced when pictures became adhered to the glass and were lost forever.

These have a major part in conserving your art or memorable photo. There are situations were it may not suit a border and we recommend a glass spacer or glass raiser. A clear tubing that is not seen which elevates the glass off the piece and protects for years to come.

Why Frame?

Picture framing involves many areas of expertise, starting from design, colour, dimensional perspective, carpentry and glazing to a large wealth of technical knowledge on preservation techniques and customer service. It not only helps to save cherished memories, but also enhances them when done properly. It rekindles forgotten memories in its own unique way. Moreover, historians have realised the need for preservation - it saves what would have been lost and helps future generations to reconnect with their roots.

Pictures, prints & memorabilia, without proper preservation, can be lost because of dust accumulation, exposure to UV or body oils. But at Southern Picture Framers in Bunbury, we can help you to enhance and preserve your family memories forever.

Why Choose Our Custom Designed Framing Service?


Your life moments can be preserved and enhanced one frame at a time. And because we are custom framers, you can be assured that each frame will receive attention to its details beyond what you would expect. Once we are done, you can have memories in your home that last a lifetime.

Our service is not at all expensive, and we will choose the right border and frame that captivate you every time your eyes catch sight of them. We would complete your work to the highest standards and make sure that it provides you with indelible memories.

The custom designed picture frame service of Southern Picture Framers is not just limited to pictures. Rather, we will be more than happy to preserve wedding moments, sports memorabilia, achievement certificates, personal artworks and also, sports tops. In addition to that, we can restretch canvas on frames, produce mirrors as per size requirements and transfer photos to canvas also.


Let us help you design the perfect frame to wow your picture and decor.

You Name It, We Frame It!

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