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5 Best Picture Frames For Your Room
11 Nov 2019

5 Best Picture Frames For Your Room

Based on the sizes, shapes, features, materials, and textures the photo frames are classified into several types. Knowing these varieties can always help you to choose the perfect photo frame for complementing not only your photos but your home decor also. Here we will discuss 5 popular types of picture frames.

Standard Picture Frame

Standard Frame comes in a variety of art framing style. This frame is simple and classic. It looks great in your home and office. Most of the standard frames designed with a solid and bright color. A wide range of colors and shapes are available. Apart from that, these frames are also made of wood, plastic and ceramic materials. As similar to the decorative photo frames, standard photo frames are also very cost-effective. You can find the perfect standard frame at the best photo and art framing service company in Harvey.

Decorative Frames

The Decorative Photo Frame has a simple and classy look. It is a perfect option to display family photographs. Some decorative frames come with attractive 3D designs. It can be generally made of different types of materials such as wood, plastic, ceramic, glass and more. It is cost-effective and very easy to maintain. A decorative frame can easily fit the photo that you would like to display.  So, if you want to look for a cost-effective and stylish photo frame then decorative is the perfect option for you. 


Shadowbox Photo Frames are slightly deeper as compared to other traditional frames. It has a unique framing style. This photo frame is perfect for sports memorabilia. It offers an elegant and classic look to your room. It is available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Silver-Plated Photo Frames

A Silver-Plated Photo Frame is extremely gorgeous. It is one of the perfect gifts for wedding parties and anniversary. The silver-plated body of this frame is amazing. It gives a glossy look every time. This frame is also available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. However, they are quite expensive. So, if your budget is quite high then you should go for this frame.

Floating Photo Frame

Floating Photo Frame is modern and unique. In this frame, your photo can float between the 2 glass pieces. With this photo frame, you can surely enjoy the optical illusion of the displaying picture. If you want to hang a modern and creative photo frame on your wall then this photo frame is the perfect choice for you.

All these photo frames are extremely stylish and classy. If your budget is low then you should go for a standard picture frame, decorative frames or shadow box and if your budget is high then choose either a silver-plated photo frame or floating photo frame. 

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