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Block Mounting: A Unique Way To Express Your Artwork
30 Nov 2017

Block Mounting: A Unique Way To Express Your Artwork

New age framing services have brought a drastic change in what we know about frames. From custom designs to acrylic frames, all have unique advantages of their own. One such example is the block mounting. But what exactly is it? And is it really suitable for your artwork?
What is a block mount?
The process of sticking and mounting an artwork to a solid backing board is called block mounting. This is an affordable alternative to frame your picture. Block mounting actually falls in the category of custom designs. Thus, an artwork naturally gets an upgraded look when customisation is applied.
The pieces of art can be block mounted on a number of media including MDF boards, foam board or a variety of polyurethane mat boards. The mat boards used for block mounting are typically 1cm to 2cm thick and often have a black or white edging. Block mount can be achieved from reputed picture framers in Busselton
When to choose a block mounting?
If you love something like a frame-free finish or are working on a tight budget, block mounting may be the best for you. Here are some key factors to look before considering block mounting as an alternative.
What’s your budget?
Block mounting is more affordable than framing work. You can typically expect it to be half the price of picture framing, possibly even more of a saving.
How valuable is your artwork?
If you have a high value artwork or something which is impossible to replace, then block mounting may not be suitable. This is because high value or original art should only be framed with conservation framing in mind. Any non-conservation framing or block mounting can destroy the value of your artwork immediately and will lead to its deterioration over time.
For how long do you want this on your wall?
Block mounting is perfect for you where you only wish to display your information or artwork for a short time span. It is not just for the low cost but also the lightweight feature which benefits. However, a good quality block mount on a polyurethane board can last for many years. To add an extra bit of protection, it is recommended to add a laminate which provides some resistance from permanently damaging your image.
Is a light-weight product an advantage for hanging system?
The light weight backing board has several advantages in terms of weight saving. The low mass of your block mounted art means that you have more options available when selecting wall fasteners. You don’t need sturdy, intrusive and often challenging wall fastening hardware.
Block mounting is a unique way to save money with fewer installation considerations. However, you need to opt for it based on the type of artwork you have.
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