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3 Ways to Protect an Old Family Photograph
13 Aug 2020

3 Ways to Protect an Old Family Photograph

A simple family photograph is a very valuable thing. This is because it preserves your sweet memories. It tells the story of your family and also makes you nostalgic. So, as the owner of a family photograph, you should preserve and protect it properly. This is because over time a photo starts losing its quality. Dust, dirt, moisture, pollen & other external elements can damage the photo permanently. It can be deteriorated & discoloured due to lack of maintenance. To protect your old family photograph from dust, dirt and moisture, you need to consider some basic things. A photo can be protected in several ways. In this blog, we are going to share with you 3 ways to protect an old family photograph.

Protect photos from dust particles

Dust, pollen & other airborne particles can damage your favourite family photograph. Pollutants and dust generally come from the outside of the property. Apart from that, harmful gases and chemicals can also damage the colour quality of your photos badly. To protect the old family photograph from dust particles and gases, you should securely place your photos into a classic photo frame. Photo frames are generally air-tight. They always give protection against dust particles and pollen. Apart from that, beautiful photo frames add an extra layer of modernity to your room. They are available in a wide range of colours, designs and styles. You can easily decorate your empty room by hanging beautiful photo frames. It can be customised as well.

Temperature & humidity control

Temperature & humidity are the two major factors that should be controlled. Storing your photo frames at the proper temperature and humidity can protect your family photo. According to the professional picture framers in Busselton, the temperature and humidity range of photos are given below:

Dye sublimation

  • Max. temperature (20 degree Celsius) Humidity range (30 to 50%)
  • Digital electrophotography: Max temperature (20 degree Celsius) Humidity range (30 to 50%)
  • Inject (Dye & pigment): Max temperature (4 degree Celsius) humidity range (30 to 50%)

Chromogenic photos

  • Max temperature (4 degree Celsius) humidity range (30 to 50%)
  • Traditional white & black photos: Max temperature (12 degree Celsius) Humidity range (30 to 50%)

Safe handling

In many cases, some issues may occur while handling old photos. They include, photo surface cracking, scuffing, smearing, scratching, etc. To prevent these problems, you have to follow some safety precautions. They include,

  • Wearing gloves while handling
  • Avoid rolling the photos

Follow above-mentioned ways & protect your old family photograph. Always try to keep your photos inside a photo frame. A photo frame doesn't only increase the beauty of your room but it also protects the original photo from all kinds of outside elements.

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