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Expectation From A Professional Framing Service
04 Oct 2017

Expectation From A Professional Framing Service

We all want our artwork to look gorgeous and stand out. However, the artwork alone may not be able to do so all the time. Sometimes, a little help can go a long way in influencing the audience to succumb the charm of the work.
A professional framing service can be the best bet in establishing a perfect framed picture. But the work does not end here. A professional framing service can provide your artwork with the utmost care while enhancing its durability.
Determining the structure
This step is often given a miss. When an artist paints on a canvas or board, it's generally adjusted in accordance with the shape of the frame. This is where a professional framer can help you. A good framer uses proper mounting board and properly trims the painting without compromising the artwork. It makes sense to choose a framing service as the professionals are experienced in this and have a sound idea of determining a suitable structure accurately.
Figuring out the mount
Mounts are pieces of coloured cards that are placed around the paintings before they are framed. Sometimes, these cards are also known as mats and the backing board is called a mount. Having a mount is preferable as it can help to contrast the colours and enhance the overall appearance of the artwork. Ask the framer for various mounting options and select the best one which goes with your artwork.
Finding the right corners
Professional framers have an assortment of sample corners for the frames. The corners are attached to the artwork which too create a great viewpoint. They play a vital role in creating the appeal of a painting. For instance, if it is a sketch work, choose golden or red coloured corner that flash your creativity.
Glass or no glass?
Most framed arts have a glass front. It is important for watercolors, pastels, and drawings to be framed behind glass. But make sure not to use glass if it is a varnished painting. This is because, varnish already is glossy and the glass above it can spoil the look of the painting. If both the glazing and the artwork shine, the painting cannot be viewed properly. Therefore, in such cases, it is recommended to use acrylic glazing with a matte finishing. So determine your work properly and choose the right form of glazing.
All your artworks deserve a place of pride in the home or in the art gallery. Make sure you approach a professional framing service to adorn them with the most attractive and suitable frames.
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