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4 Unique Types Of Wedding Frames That Can Turn Heads
25 Jan 2018

4 Unique Types Of Wedding Frames That Can Turn Heads

Every wedding day and couple is unique, so your wedding pictures should be displayed in a way that represents the happy memories and beauty of your big day. So whether you just got married or are looking for the perfect wedding gift to present to a couple, here are five unique ways to frame wedding pictures and make a beautiful display.
Engraved Picture Frames : 
We’ll start with the most basic first-engraved picture frames. Most people know that engraved gifts make lovely wedding gifts, but the problem is that many individuals go for cheap metal frames that turn out looking awful. The three most common types of engraved frames are silver plated, solid pewter and sterling silver frames.
Wedding Collage Frames :
Collage picture frames give you a large variety of creative ways to display a selection of wedding pictures. Collage frames give you an inexpensive way to display a lot of pictures in a small space. Instead of having to pick a few favorite wedding pictures to display in a wedding frame, collage frames let you display as many wedding photos as you want. Hire a custom picture framing service in Busselton to get the desired frames as per the requirement.
If you want to personalise your wedding picture frame, choose a collage frame with a mat and have your wedding guests sign or write a special message. You can also decorate the collage mat with the vows from your wedding day, quotes, verses or poems that represent your day.
Wedding Scrapbook Frames :
Unlike most scrapbook pages that stay hidden in the book itself, you can display yours for all to enjoy. Scrapbook frames give you a fantastic way to share the joy of your wedding and remember special moments from your day.
They also allow you to combine your favorite wedding pictures with a few mementos like your invitation, wedding cake napkins (with your names on them), your vows, special cards, a wedding day agenda or any other special paper-thin items.
Wedding Shadow Box Frames :
Wedding shadow box frames are perfect for anyone who wants to frame their favourite wedding pictures and display a few special wedding mementos. Shadow box frames are best for using with items that are thicker than a piece of paper and can generally be less than 2 inches thick (depending upon the frame).
Keep these framing ideas in mind before choosing one, especially if it is a wedding photograph.
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