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Which Types Of Glasses Are Used In Picture Framing?
03 Sep 2019

Which Types Of Glasses Are Used In Picture Framing?

Glass always plays an important role in framing your pictures. Five different types of glasses are widely used in custom picture framing. They are clear conservation glass, reflection control conservation glass, museum glass, premium glass and reflection-control glass. These glasses always help to protect your pictures from all kinds of outside elements like dust, UV Ray, chemical attacks, etc. Professional picture framers use them to make creative photo frames. Let's take a look at different types of picture framing glasses.

  1. Clear Conservation Glass: This framing glass provides the highest UV ray. It can effectively block more than 90% of UV rays for protecting the photos against fading and keep them last longer. For better UV ray protection clear conservation glass is one of the best options for your photo frames. If you want to frame signed jerseys or creative artworks then clear conservation glasses are very ideal for you.
  2. Reflection Control Conservation Glass: Reflection control conservation glass or RCCG can help to improve the overall beauty of the artwork with a matte finish. This photo framing glass can also protect your photos from harmful UV rays. The RCC glass is very cost-effective and widely used in custom picture framing. These glasses are generally used to protect beautiful art pieces.
  3. Museum Glass: Museum glass is considered as an anti-reflection photo framing glass. This glass has a great glazing option. Museum glass has an invisible finish and also its UV rays protection can help to make your photos brighter and last longer as well. This picture framing glass is very ideal for heirlooms or original artworks that you need to protect for many years.
  4. Premium Glass: According to the picture framing professionals, the premium glass is one of the high-quality picture framing glasses that are widely available in Capel. This photo framing glass can effectively block more than 40% of harmful UV rays for protecting against discolouration or fading. This framing glass is very ideal for custom photos, certificates and posters.
  5. Reflection-Control Glass: This picture framing glass can make artwork beautiful with a matte-like finish. This matte finish helps to scatter lights and decrease unwanted glare. This glass can also protect your photos from UV rays. Generally, 45% of UV rays are blocked by this glass. Reflection-control glasses are great options for the antique photos.

The basic features of these glasses are nearly the same. They are cost-effective and highly recommended by picture framing specialists. So next time, which one you choose?

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