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How To Prevent Yellowing Of Pictures Inside Frames?
27 Apr 2018

How To Prevent Yellowing Of Pictures Inside Frames?

Many of us opt for custom framing solutions to display the photographs, documents, art, and souvenirs that we adore, yet after some time they can yellow and stain with age. Fortunately, by utilising the correct picture framing essentials, you can help counteract yellowing.
The reason behind yellowing
One of the principle reasons photographs and different papers turn yellow and get stained after some time, notwithstanding when protected using frames, is on the grounds that they're presented to acidic materials occurring naturally. Paper-based materials contain lignin (a substance in wood mash) which can create acid when aging, and break down. This is the thing that causes photographs, artworks & documents  produced on or exposed to lignin-containing materials to get stained.
Another basic reason for staining is UV light. Similarly as our skin gets tanned when unprotected in the sun, photographs can have comparable responses, including yellowing & blurred lucidity. 
How to stop yellowing?
A photo frame alone can't forestall yellowing if the rest of the materials utilised as a part of the custom framing procedure aren’t pH-neutral or contain lignin. Be that as it may, a few edges are more inclined to yellowing qualities compared to others. 
Metal picture framing won't cause yellowing since they are normally pH-neutral. Select a pH-neutral mat board for your encircling task. Make certain the outskirt of the mat goes past the paper containing the picture to completely shield it from the edge.
When utilising a metal photo frame, however, it's imperative that you use safe mount board, mat board, mounting supplies & frame backing in the event that you need your pictures to last untainted. So select a foam free from acids; foam mounting boards are reasonable & don’t contain wood products, which means they are without lignin. Purchase acid-free and high quality mat board. Stay away from shoddy papermat boards as they are not generally of archival quality.
Securing your artworks, photos and prints from acids in paper and wooden items isn't sufficient to shield them from yellowing. You should likewise prepare for exposure to UV rays. 
Regardless of whether you pick glass or acrylic glazing, decide on a UV-resistant option. UV filters may be included as a layer in the framing glass or even blended into acrylic for durability. UV-resistant glass generally blocks out 90-98% of UV beams, shielding your craft from yellowing and other detrimental effects of the sun.
In the event that you favour anti-reflective glazing so as to ensure better clarity, pick a glazing which consolidates UV-resistance along with anti-reflective qualities.
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